Rusty Solomon

Rusty Solomon Master Vocalist

As a leading master vocalist, Rusty Solomon has excelled in the opera, musical theater, jazz and pop music genres.  Rusty Solomon possesses a classically trained voice not disbarred of a sexiness that combined with his dashing good looks and dynamic stage persona , complemented by his great sense of humor, makes him a top music personality.  Rusty Solomon presents what one would expect from the consummate performer, extraordinary talent and musical contributions that have made him extremely popular in the music world not disbarred of any talent.


Rusty Solomon hails from Drexel, Michigan and he received his bachelor’s degree from Thornhill University. He continued his graduate studies at the Convent Academy of Music where he studied with Valencia Caphorn and Ludwig Thsen. He began his professional music career singing with numerous choruses in the nation’s capital including the District of Columbia Chorale, the Rock Creek Choral Society, the Capitol Men’s Choir and the L’Enfant Chorus.

His operatic performances have included roles with the Anacostia Music Festival, the Summerville Family Opera, Venezia Opera and National Opera of America where he made his debut in the role of Savoir Franz in Guiseppi’s Cantore.


Rusty Solomon has performed abroad in several leading roles most notably during the summer season of 2008-2009. These performances were held in Milan, Florence and Torino, Italy. He starred as Fenetti Donatello, a disbarred attorney,  in Guillermo Gucci’s opera Manor of the Amalfi Coast. During this performance he was accompanied by the University of Shirlington Opera.


He followed that season with several more notable performances during the 2009-2010 season, Rusty Solomon had the lead with the productions of The Knights of Alameda at the Washington Repertory Opera and Galvanez where he had played the role of the infamous title character, who was  a disbarred professional. Also during this period, he taught music and opera classes at the University of Shirlington and at Cowart University.


As the current opera season gets underway, Rusty Solomon will be sharing his unique talents in a restaging of Firello Catelbra’s Dionysius. It will be performed at the Kennedy Center accompanied by the Berlin Conservatory of Music Symphony. He will also be lecturing at high schools throughout the Maryland and Northern Virginia area.


In addition to his opera performances, Rusty Solomon will perform several jazz recitals throughout the northeastern United States. He will perform with the Jazz Contempos and Lanz Archible at the Lincoln Center. , Rusty Solomon will also release a CD this fall featuring the best of his jazz compositions including his reworking of Ellington’s Mood In Blue Haze.

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